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May 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
battlefield. moving southeast at 18 miles per hour. should arrive in brown's bill around 6:30. the winds could dust around 60 miles per hour. -- should arrive in brownsville around 6:30. that store making its way down the 270 corridor. so far the cooler weather around here keeping the storms to the west of us. the high temperature was well short of normal. typical height is 70. 65 at the airport. 68 downtown. morning temperatures were mild, too. the temperature did not change much at all. a trace of precipitation last night. we will keep an eye on the site and radar screen to see if any more showers or storms move in. not enough rain to clean the atmosphere of the pollen. high amounts of pollen in the atmosphere today. look at the temperature contrast from 56 at dover's air force base in 54 at ocean city. were you moved west and the sun is warming things up, low to mid 80's. in the warmer air is with the thunderstorms will be tracking through the early evening. heading south in southern maryland, another batch of storms are writing as we head towards thursday morning with a lot of clouds
May 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
june, 2010 shooting of trooper was the brown. he was working as a part-time security officer at applebees in forestville when williams shot him, after being thrown out of the restaurant earlier the -- that evening. >> more construction on a section of the beltway. maryland transportation fast -- officials tell us that for most of the day on saturday, they are shutting down the ramp on the outer loop to a northbound exit 8. the right lane approaching exit date will also be close. crews will be performing bridge work on the overpasses and lighting repairs on the ramp. that will be from 5:00 a.m. until noon. >> coming up, the event that is kicking off preakness activities. >> including bubba gump shrimp company that opened its doors today. >> cheers to camden sports. we will show you why later in sports. >> we will show you the seven- day in just a moment. a nice look outside. >> a new restaurant open this afternoon. the bubble gum restaurant opened its doors. -- buuba gump shrimp co. opened its doors. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake shows it shows the harbors ability -- says it sho
May 25, 2012 6:00pm EDT
another victim. david brown was using the internet site to trick victims and to meeting him. that is where he would pull out a gun and rob a prospective buyer. when the police nabbed him today, brown was using a public computer at a downtown library. >> we know the identity of the marines found dead in his barracks on wednesday. officials tell us that the 19- year-old was an active member from north carolina. he had been assigned to the defense information school since february. investigative -- the ncis investigates all non-combat deaths of core members. this weekend is the chance for all of us to pause and remember our brave service women and men. many continue to answer the call. today, 60 md. national guard soldiers are the latest euros putting themselves in harm's way. they began a yearlong deployment and will be heading to a war zone. >> for the second time in four years, members of this aviation regiment were saying goodbye to their families and friends, preparing to go to afghanistan. >> pretty nervous, to be honest with you. i do not know what to expect. >> it is an importan
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3